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Colorado Skateboarding Society Rebrand


Who Are We

Who We Are


Making community impact through Skateboarding

We help all skaters achieve their full potential by building strong community partnerships that protect and preserve our skateparks and promote events and programs that impact positive life change.


We will be the #1 advocate for Skateboarding in the state of Colorado through the creation of a strong, diverse, and unified community committed to the advancement of skateboarding knowledge, skill development, and personal growth for all ages.




To realize our vision, we will:

  1. Be a voice that advocates the specific needs of Skateboarding in our communities.

  2. Provide and support a skating environment and facility that is safe, positive, and free of discrimination.

  3. Build and maintain the highest quality skateboarding features possible.

  4. Support community initiatives, events, and programs by partnering with others to advance Skateboarding knowledge, skill development, and personal growth for all ages.





Courage: We believe that each of us cross our own bridges of fear in life to find our meaning of personal courage and growth. Skateboarding helps us take calculated risks that push the boundaries of our comfort zone that hold us back.


Commitment: We believe in not holding back in life so that our personal talents and gifts can be shared with the world around us. Skateboarding reminds us to let go of our fears and insecurities so we can be strong and fully in control of our thinking and actions. 

Respect: We believe in willing the highest good to everyone around us and that respect for others starts with respecting ourselves. Skateboarding helps us learn patience and respect for the process of life as we set goals and work hard to achieve them.


Diversity: We embrace and understand that everyone is special and has a unique story share, talents to give, and a life purpose to fulfill. Skateboarding inspiration is used to create something new and then share it with those around us.


Community:  We know that anything is possible when people come together with a shared vision willing to give rather than to receive. Skateboarding allows us the chance to belong and contribute to special group of people not in the majority.

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